Friday, December 14, 2007

Today's Mood


Donna Trenton (Dee Wallace),

"Fuck you, dog."

A very happy 59th birthday to Dee Wallace, who certainly had a good run twenty-plus years ago, didn't she? E.T., The Howling, Cujo, The Hills Have Eyes, Critters... she was in The Stepford Wives too? I really have to watch that again; it's been a few years.

Dee's still working like mad - she's got seven projects in some state of development for the next year (though who knows if any of them will be something any of us sees). But still, good on her for having stayed a working actress all these years. She played a lot of mothers in her prime, which happened to coincide with my childhood, so I'll always have that sort of movie-mommy vibe towards her. She's most definitely a Genre Icon, that's for sure.


Joe Reid said...

"Fuck you, dog."


Anonymous said...

She was the only thing about the Halloween remake that didn't make me violently ill as well.

Ah yes, the original Stepford Wives--another favorite--I love when the one woman/robot gets stabbed and keeps saying, "I thought we were friends...I thought we were friends."

Jason Adams said...

Ah yes, I spaced on her being in the Halloween remake... I'm allowed though, since I never had the misfortune of seeing it. Yet. It's on my queue, waiting to piss me off.