Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Quote of the Day

Note to aspiring male movie stars: if you want your words bouncing around the endless echo chamber of cyberspace, take your cue from Daniel Craig, who's always taking about showing us his ass, and we love him for it. Via here, James Bond talks about what he wants to whip out instead of a 9mm in the next Bond film:

"I'd go totally nude. I've got nothing to hide, and after all, we ask the girls to reveal almost all, so why not the men?"

That link seems questionable - no definable source - and I feel like I've read it before (Hell, I've probably posted it before), but obviously Danny Boy's got nothing to hide, since the internets are already clogged with photographs of what's underneath that tuxedo of his, so even if he didn't actually say this ever he may as well have. (Don't you love the logic of the new media age?)

Anyway, he was already basically nude in Casino Royale, we just didn't glimpse his full twig'n'berries. Doesn't that sound like a breakfast cereal? Twig'N'Berries: Part of your balanced breakfast!

Man I'm out of it today.


Anonymous said...

Would you take heavy cream on your Twig N Berries cereal?

Where did the pictures of Danny Boy in the bathtub come from?

Jason Adams said...

The bathtub shots are from a scene in Love Is The Devil, the rather good 1998 biopic of the painter Francis Bacon. Craig played Bacon's boyfriend, George Dyer.

zooplah said...

That's good. The last time we saw male nudity in a Bond movie was "The Living Daylights" back in 1997. And even that was just a few Afghan soldiers' butts. We love you, Daniel!