Monday, December 17, 2007

Lo How A Suffy E’er Blooming

This will be the first year I don't go home to my mother's house for Xmas. Otherwise known as the first year the boyfriend and I will be holing up together for the holiday. So we put up our Xmas tree on Saturday, and as background music I threw the entire Sufjan Xmas box-set onto my iPod and filled the apartment with Suffy's banjo-twanging melodies and it was delightful. Well, it was for a little while; I've come to realize that if you listen to Sufjan straight (HA! Sufjan straight! As if.) for too long you'll want to peel the eyeballs out of little old lady's heads after awhile. Yes, I speak from experience (Sorry, Grandma!).

All of this is my terribly pointless, long-winded way of directing y'all who care (all negative-one of you) to Stereogum, where they've posted a NEW (brand and spanking) Sufjan Christmas song, it being his version of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Delight!



Anonymous said...

Yay, the husband and I are spending our first Xmas at home as well, and we, too, decked the halls this past weekend. I'm very much looking forward to an Xmas free of family drama and redneck b.s. ("no, quite frankly I do not care how many deer you killed this year or whether you thought "Delta Farce" was better than "Larry the Cable Guy Health Inspector" shoooo."

Happy holidays!

Catherine said...

Oh, I care! I'm a big Sufjan fan.