Monday, December 17, 2007

Come For Me, Joker Man

Yay, pictures are working again! They were down for a bit, blasted Blogger, and I mean, what, am I supposed to like blog with words or something? A hearty "bah humbug" to that.

When I spoke of the trailer for The Dark Knight semi-disparagingly earlier, I should mention that my immensely-disturbing-to-myself attraction to Heath Ledger as the Joker hasn't abated. I mean, come on:


And no, I haven't forgotten you, Mr. Wayne. All I know is, come next Summer, sitting in the theater watching The Dark Knight, I'm going to be having all sorts of illicit three-way fantasy shenanigans going on. The shame, the horror, blah blah blah. Hot.

Aaaaaanyway, JJ has a bunch of stills from the trailer as well as the first several minutes of the film, which has leaked, obviously. I'm so not watching it myself though; need to save it for the theater. We still have months to go! That's way too much too soon.


zooplah said...

I may be in the minority, but I think Heath Ledger is handsome out of the Joker costume.

Of course, I probably won't watch the movie, because I didn't like the first one (I know, another thing I'm in the minority about).

Jason Adams said...

If Heath cleans himself up - which he hasn't been doing lately - and has his hair short - like here - I find him quite attractive. Lately he's been a wreck in public, though.

Loved Batman Begins, though.

Agnes B said...

For a minute there, it looked like that was a baby's hand hanging out of The Joker's mouth. But I am on crack, at work, and in the middle of exam week, so what do I really know...

Anonymous said...

if the film is like the trailer... I predict Heath Ledger's joker not only be a superior caracter that Jack Nicholson's, i predict Oscar nomination and even win... Heath Ledger could create two pop caracter after Ennis Del Mar