Thursday, December 27, 2007

And PTA Bless Us, Every One!

Soooooo.... who's seen There Will Be Blood yet? I know, I know, it's only open in very "select" cities... which is BUNK, I say. I wanna talk about it with people! People other than my reflection and mostly incoherent half-awake ramblings in the comments of TFE. Hrm. Like Nat, I agree that it's one to stew upon. Seeing it again, very soon, isn't a terrible idea. Hell, it's an idea that makes me excited. Like... can I watch it right now? Over my bowl of Golden Grahams and bottle of Gatorade and without socks on? Leaving the house... urgh. But there are so many reasons to leave the house. Smiley Face is playing... The Orphanage is playing... but then I've got the Twin Peaks box-set next to the DVD player here at home, staring at me.

Ho ho, yes this is rambling. I think I've slipped into the netherworld of lay-about-ed-ness that comes with holing up over a long holiday. Besides the boyfriend I haven't seen another person (sans strangers) for days now. We're probably gonna go all Shining soon. My next blog entry will possibly be nothing but "All play and no work makes Jason a dull boy" over and over. Something to look forward to...

Sure Lloyd, I'd love a drink!

Ahem. There Will Be Blood. It's been awhile since I've left a theater so exhilarated. I was wondering, looking back on the year as one is wont to do as New Years approaches, if anything was going to knock me out. Jesse James came the closest. But this... this is the one. I'm so glad... so thankful, you might say... that Paul Thomas Anderson is doing what he's doing. Call me an unabashed fan-boy of his if you will... because I am. This thing just got better and better as it steamrolled along. And that ending... goosebumps. One for the record books.


Matt Sigl said...

It was amazing film....I think. Potentially a masterpiece...I think. There Will Be Blood demands as second viewing. I can't decide yet whether a wellspring of meaning is really there or if it was all a great trick by PTA. I do suspect the key is understanding the function of two key elements in the film: the music and the performance of Daniel Day-Lewis. Regarding the former, I wonder what the emotional life of the movie would be without the dissonant strings wailing all the time? Would the whole thing seem mundane, albeit a beautiful sort of mundanity. About Day-Lewis, the virtuoso performance is more than an actor serving a story; the actor here is making the story. Played with less mesmerizing focus, with less twisted grimacing, with a naturalistic voice, would Plainview be an interesting character at all? Certainly his histrionics at the end would be more anachronistic. Nonetheless, these questions are not critiques, they simply focus the attention on PTA's method of narrative-which is not traditional. Whether it's truly effective-I am still not sure...I think it is. It's certainly bold. Like some critics, the comically violent ending had me scratching my head. Until...the films last moment and line of dialogue which, right out of a Kubrick playbook, was nothing less than perfect.

J.D. said...

I hate being 14 and/or living in a city of crap.