Saturday, December 29, 2007

5 Off The Top Of My Head - Law, Mr. Law


A very happy birthday going out to Jude Law today. Am I wrong for thinking Jude was older than 35? I don't want to take this celebratory moment of the man to say that... perhaps he's been, a little hard the past couple of years and has been, maybe a little, showing signs of a... er.... fast paced lifestyle... I'm just sayin'!

Well, even despite a little weariness, he's still perfectly lovely to behold and a fine, fine actor. Here are my five favorite performances of his; y'all tell me your faves in the comments!

Brad Stand, I Heart Huckabees

Dan, Closer

Gigolo Joe, A.I.

Dickie Greenleaf, The Talented Mr. Ripley

Harlen Maguire, Road To Perdition

Say what you will about the last film here - I'm not a fan - but I thought Law was the best thing about it; completely memorable and creepy as hell. Hard to get me to want to run away from him, but he succeeded.

It's been kinda quiet on the Law front the past couple of years (though he was good in Breaking & Entering, and yes, I'm otherwise choosing to ignore everything else Alfie and after); here's to hoping he shows us again why he's a star in My Blueberry Nights, which hits in February I believe.


Scott said...

Well I've never seen Perdition, so I can't rate him in that. Otherwise I'd go with his work in Ripley, Huckabees, A.I., Gattaca and in the 5th slot - hmmmmm - probably eXistenZ.

FDot said...

Quality of certain films aside, my five would be: Gattaca, Talented Mr. Ripley, Wilde, A.I. and The Wisdom of Crocodiles

John T said...

AI, Ripley, Cold Mountain, Closer, and Huckabees for me (in that order).

Joe Reid said...

Huckabees, A.I., Closer, Gattaca, Ripley. Somewhat in that order.