Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pinch Me!

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I just bought my tickets to see The Mist!
My heart skips a beat.


Marius said...

I hope it's good. I really do.

Cherita said...

Shit, I have to re-read the story before I go. Wait, no I don't, that might make me not like it. Well, I probably won't find it playing anywhere near m...shit, not only is it here, there's a sneak tonight...I have so much to do! Oh, the pressure!

Jason Adams said...

marius - Me too... at Rotten Tomatoes it's 10/15 positive. I'm in dire need of a really awesome horror movie right now.

cherita - I was wondering this morning if I should go back and read the story fast before Friday - damned holiday plans getting in the way of me seeing it until then! - when I'm seeing it. I'll probably not, read it that is, so I can afford myself some freshness while watching it.

PIPER said...

Here is one hell of a good review of The Mist. Can't wait to see it.