Monday, October 08, 2007

John Krasinski Is Clean (Updated)

I've already bitched about the fact that Smiley Face, Gregg Araki's stoner-comedy starring Anna Faris, is getting dumped straight onto DVD... well, Araki and Faris adoration aside, there's even more reason to be annoyed - Towleroad posted a couple caps of the US version of The Office's (I'm really working this character from The Office today; first Martin Freeman, now...) John Krasinski seeming to, uh, pleasure himself in the shower?

I've only seen snippets of the US Office - my attachments to the original are too strong to really let go - but even so I'm on-board the "John Krasinski is totally adorable" train. Just more reason to be pissed Smiley Face's going to DVD.

And now that I'm thinking about it, is there any Gregg Araki movie that doesn't feature a guy showering? I think he's had one of these scenes in every single film he's done, or at least every one I can think of. Yes, Nowhere... yes, Splendor... I think we all remember the horrible scene in Mysterious Skin in the bathtub... yes, The Living End... bathtub again in The Doom Generation... the only one I can't remember well enough is Totally F***ed Up. Huh. Somebody oughta write a paper on Araki's bath fixation! Somebody probably already has.

ETA Now, having watched the video of this scene myself (via here - site NSFW) I can say that John Krasinski is indeed pleasuring himself. And the first screencap I took makes it looks as if he's jerking off to himself:

Hee. Hey, whatever works.


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