Monday, October 22, 2007

I Am Monday Morning's Link

--- That's A Big Face - It's another case of liking the teaser-poster more than the actual poster that's gonna be everywhere for Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood. It's not especially awful, per se, but I liked the simple Bible-cover aesthetic of the teaser-poster more. Still, I've seen worse big-head posters out there.

--- Birds Shit - Tippi Hedren thinks that remaking The Birds is a bad idea. Well I'd certainly hope she would. She asks the obvious question that is also obviously, at this point, answered with a resounding NO: "... Can’t we find new stories, new things to do?" Sigh. If only we lived in that world, Tippi. But she has no need to fear, her legacy and the original's classic status are in no fear of going anywhere.

--- One Of These Things Are Not Just Like The Other - In other remake news, the latest rumors o' rehash have attached themselves to Child's Play and... The Exorcist.

I am taking several deep breaths here.

Yes, The Exorcist.

Okay, I need a paper bag or something.

Let's just talk about the Child's Play remake. I'm not really a fan of Chucky's series until it turned into total camp - killer dolls don't scare me, so camp seems the correct route, as far as I'm concerned, to go - so this seems especially ridiculous to me. Are little boys or girls even still playing with giant dolls? I mean, back when Child's Play came out there were those My Buddy dolls that Chucky was obviously playing off of. What's the frame of reference here? What's the point??? A killer doll is a killer doll; do they need to go to the Chucky well again? I'm turning into Tippi Hedren here - new ideas? Anyone? Bueller?

--- What Scares Await - The second part of Cinematical's list of the Best Horror Movies We Haven't Seen Yet is up, and again there are several names high upon my list of Must-See's. I wish I'd gone to see Exte when it played at the Asian Film Festival here in NYC earlier this year; one never knows how many ways that hair extensions can commit murder, I think.

--- I Remember Him Fondly - Penny Dreadful's choice of Macabre Man of the Week is a great one and a total flashback; click on over to check out who he is and see plenty more pics.

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