Friday, October 12, 2007

Come On It's Tori Night


I'll be seeing Tori Amos tonight at Madison Square Garden! Or rather, the WAMU Theater at Madison Square Garden, whatever that means.

I haven't seen Tori in a few years, but my visits to her shows definitely plunged into the double-digits back in college. I'm stupidly forcing the boyfriend to go - he's not a fan - and I'm not quite sure what I was thinking by making him go. I don't know why I sometimes insist that the people in my life like the same things I do; I can sorta be a narcissist. Surprisingly! Who knew? Someone who spends all day vomiting their opinions onto the internet, a narcissist? Never!

Anyway, I'm excited to hear some of the new album live. Especially "Body and Soul," a song which I've even got the boyfriend to admit liking. Plus I haven't been listening to anything other than In Rainbows for the past couple of days, so I think a Thom-break will do me good. Yay Tori!

If you head over to Diagnosed Sounds, the go-to site for Tori mp3s, you can find a bunch of mp3s of Tori on her recent tour.

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Marius said...

I envy you sooo much. You should have invited me. :)