Tuesday, October 09, 2007

C Is For Captured?

I've written about the upcoming horror film The Alphabet Killer before - director Rob Schmidt reuniting with his Wrong Turn star Eliza Dushku on the true-crime story of a serial killer in Rochester NY (my home-town) back in the 70's - and now there's an interesting turn of events: apparently the film's production inspired the Rochester PD to re-open the case and now they've got a suspect. Says BD:

"Amazing news this morning as we've just discovered that Rob Schmidt's feature film, The Alphabet Killer, has inspired police in Rochester, NY to check out old evidence - from the real case - with new technology. The result? Three decades later a new suspect, James Pressler, has been charged with the 1976 murder of 7-year-old Michelle McMurray, who was raped and strangled in Rochester after her mom left her home alone at 2 a.m. to go buy a pack of smokes."

The entire Daily News story is right here.

I love that the thought only occurred to the cops to use this newfangled exciting "DNA" technology after the movie-cameras stormed into town. Nobody watches CSI upstate? Gah.

Anyway, good news for the families involved, and I guess it's good press for a movie that has no release date to speak of that I can find. Not to be crude. Ahem. Anyway, you can watch a teaser trailer for the film at its site.

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