Friday, September 28, 2007

Today's Mood

I re-watched I Heart Huckabees a couple weeks ago after Nat did his tribute to Lily Tomlin's genius for the Slapstick Blog-a-thon, and besides just generally being reminded how incredibly funny the entire film is - everyone involved is at the top of their game - and happy to see how well it holds up to repeat viewings, it re-established my immense like for Naomi Watts, who's totally unhinged and brilliant within. Naomi needs to do more comedy! Today's Naomi's 39th birthday, so in her honor, Today's Mood:

Dawn Campbell (Naomi Watts),
I Heart Huckabees



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RJ said...

and that right there is Isla Fischer!

I don't much like the film, bu Naomi was fun in it