Thursday, September 20, 2007

Make This Happen


I've been singing the praises of Anna Faris for ages now, determined that she ought to be a huge star, and that she's far better than she usually gets credit for, and hoping that a serious role would come her way in which she might have the opportunity to prove said genius - well MTV is reporting that she's trying to get a Linda Lovelace (that's the ingenue from Deep Throat) bio up and filming before The Looming Strike, and I am all atwitter with the thought of it. MTV says:

"... as [Faris] revealed to us on Tuesday, her next film will not only be her most difficult role yet, but will also offer the actress one more chance to get deep.

"There's a project about Linda Lovelace, the porn star, that we're really hoping to put together soon," Faris said of a dramatic biopic that will cast her as the infamous "Deep Throat" actress who dragged the X-rated movie into mainstream culture. "It's a really deep, dark drama — and it would be cool for me to do."

The affable 30-year-old beauty hopes to get cameras rolling on the film with enough time to finish it before the impending writers' strike in June, she and has targeted the subject of the 2005 documentary hit "Inside Deep Throat" for her most dramatic role yet. For those who aren't versed in filthy '70s cinema, Lovelace was the stage name Linda Susan Boreman adopted before starring in "Throat," the 1972 flick about a frustrated woman exploring (and exploring, and exploring again) her sexuality.

"It's called 'Inferno,' " Faris said of the film, which she is currently putting together alongside a first-time filmmaker. She said other stars haven't been cast yet but that director Matthew Wilder will helm the flick.

..."This would be incredibly intense," Faris said of the script about Lovelace, who died in 2002 following a car accident and several weeks on life support. "It would be the most difficult thing I've done, and I'm really nervous.""

Man I hope she gets this off the ground; I know a Lovelace bio has been one of those projects floating around for years - I think Courtney Love was attached to it for awhile - Lovelace's story is pretty rich, and could make a fantastic part for Faris to prove herself with. Yay!

The director, Matthew Wilder, has one project that in post-production now, a movie about Phillip K. Dick William J. Frick (apparently there were problems with rights, so it's Frick, people!) called Your Name Here, that stars Bill Pullman and... Traci Lords... guess he likes the porn stars!

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Glenn Dunks said...

The thing I don't quite get with Faris is that there seem to be plenty of well-known capable directors willing to hire her - Ang Lee, Sofia Coppola, Greg Araki - and I think if she's ever going to get a role that will allow her to breakout from the Scary Movie audience then she needs a proper director. A Lovelace biopic with Faris could be great, but I think Faris needs a better director to help the movie get recognised more. A lot of cinephile people adore her in Lost in Translation and Brokeback Mountain so imagine if she was the LEAD in a movie by a director of their calibre? And not some no-name, or as they always say "hot up-and-coming director"