Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Knew It!

I knew I should've held off posting those pics yesterday of Jake Gyllenhaal at the US Open, because I knew he wouldn't have been there alone and we'd get more pics and inevitably his friend Chris would be there and we could all indulge or "more than just friends" whispers. Commence whispering!

(via IHJM)


John T said...

His "friend" Chris is also adorable-Jake has such good taste in men!

Jason Adams said...

Chris is hot, tis true. And, from what I remember when I saw the two of them walking down the street (and I dont remember a lot while at the same time remembering every detail, if that makes sense), Chris is actually taller than Jake, which means he's TALL, which is one of my likes, tall fellas. Swoon.