Friday, September 07, 2007

I Just Greenlit Evil Dead 4

Well, I did in my head anyway. And somewhere, some executive felt it; it was like a tingle on the tip of his nose that he's hoovering blow off the tranny-hooker with. (Seriously - there's something really wrong with me today.)

Anyway... after an absence of a few weeks - fueled by stupidity and laziness - I make my triumphant return to this week's Horror Roundtable at The Horror Blog! Our question, you question?

"Name a horror director or actor who has left the genre who you would like to see return."

My answer may be totally obvious because A) That's him pictured to the right there, and B) It's the totally obvious fucking answer. But that's how I rolls, see?

Now go there and cherish my every syllable! And all those other people's too! Now! Git!

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John T said...

Agreed-Raimi (along with the much-echoed David Cronenberg) should return to horror.

If I had a choice, I think I'd find some reason to bring together the remaining woman of Hitchcock together: Novak, Miles, Hedren, Day, and Saint. Have them all put in the hands of a capable director (possibly one of the above), and possibly add in some of their younger would-have-been-successors (had Hitch made that pact with the devil to live forever) like Pfeiffer, Stone, and Theron.