Monday, September 17, 2007

I Am Monday AM's Brief Link

--- I Want Fred - AICN has got the first five pages of Joss Whedon's comic-book Angel: Season 6 (or "After the Fall") which - exactly like the Buffy: Season 8 comics currently thrilling my brain - is picking up right where the series ended, televised-wise. Angel: Season 6 doesn't hit the stands until November, but in case you're curious where they can go from, ya know, Armageddon, check out the pages at AICN.

--- Still have no idea when/if this film will be for-real released, it's been drifting around out there for ages it seems, but Gregg Araki's stoner-comedy Smiley Face, which stars the wonderful Anna Faris, played at TIFF and Cinematical has a positive review. I want to see it! It's original poster's promise of a 4/20 release date (har har) has long since expired.

--- How About No Break? Battlestar Galactica producer David Weddle says that SciFi still hasn't made up their minds as to how long the break between the two halves of the show's final season might be; could be a month, could be a year. Urgh. How about the entire thing be beamed into my living-room right now and I decide. Plan? Plan.


Jwise said...

Why don't the heads of The Sci-Fi Channel remember that the fans of Battlestar Galactica have been very loyal and dedicated (my room didn't wallpaper itself with pictures of Jamie Bamber after all) so why would they even torment us with the notion of a long break splitting up the final season?!?

Several cast members have already spoken out against it, along with David Eick and yours truly, so hopefully they will stop frakkin' around and give us the goods already!

Barry said...

I really want to see Smiley Face. Anna Faris has been good in every movie she's been in.