Friday, September 28, 2007

I Am Link

I think I may have killed every brain cell I had left - so not a large massacre by any means - last night watching Alejandro Jodorowsky's El Topo and ahem doing what you need to do to watch a Jodorowsky movie ahem, so sentences are soooooooo beyond me today. Here are some things worth giving the lookie-loo, though...

--- Modfab has got a new promo for Battlestar Galactica's fall-movie called Razor.

--- Cinematical saw a screening of Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood and goes nuts for it.

--- NBC's Bionic Woman blew away the competition, ratings-wise; does this mean Katee Sackhoff might be a star? Pretty please?



Cherita said...

Is that bottom pic Sackhoff? Because it looks like Courtney Love to me. *shudder*

Jason Adams said...

Jinkies don't make such connections! A young Courtney Love maybe I can see, though. It's just that Jungle Red lipstick that's doing it.

Glenn Dunks said...

haha, you got munted... and told us! That's brilliant.