Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Am Link


--- "A small, unclean exercise in shame" - Slate's got a nice piece by Eric Lichtenfeld up on the new era of the Vigilante Movie, culminating as of late with Jodie Foster in The Brave One and Kevin Bacon in Death Sentence.

--- Cruising's Demons - EW takes a look at the soon-to-be-released DVD of William Friedkin's Cruising and takes the filmmaker to task for asserting our shift in cultural awareness since the time the film was released means anything to what the film itself says, and stood for back then. I came thiiiiiis close to seeing Cruising on the big screen over the weekend (I've never seen it) but at 11am on a Sunday my mind just wasn't in that place. I've got it at the top of my queue for it's DVD release next week, though; I've always been curious about it.

--- Kelly Who - Final Girl draws our attention to Kelly Hu's pre-X2, much less auspicious beginning as Voorhees fodder.

--- Must See TV - AICN links to where you can watch the first episodes of four new NBC shows, most enticingly including the Bionic Woman pilot. Evil robot Starbuck, yay!

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