Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gratuitous Thomas Kretschmann


Besides the eye-searing hotness of Katee Sackhoff, last night's premiere of Bionic Woman had another surprise in tow - the appearance of Thomas Kretschmann, uber-hottie, whom I've had my eyes on since he played ship captain in Peter Jackson's King Kong. Kretschmann's probably best known for playing Nazis - in The Pianist and then in Downfall - and he certainly has the Aryan looks to pull it off. But he's in a Master Race all his own! (Urgh that was awful) Anyway, finding pics of him here on the internets was far more arduous than I expected it to be, so I'm including a load of shots so no one in the future has to strain so hard again! I'm such an egalitarian. Enjoy! As always, click any to embiggen (most of 'em get pretty large).

And yes, he appears to have had some sort of threesome with an android-woman and a man with a bird-head in those last pictures... I have no idea. They're from something called Immortal. It's the nakedest I could find of him, so the man with the bird-head had to come along for the ride.


RJ said...

Who was he on the show? I didn't see it. Was he eeeeevil?

Jason Adams said...

He was hardly on it; he was Evil Bionic Woman (i.e. Starbuck)'s boyfriendish person. He's credited only as "The Man", hee.

Anonymous said...

That first pic made me melt.

Ross said...

Oh yeah, this guy is HOT! I'm a total sucker for blong Germans. I'm looking forward to the new Stendhal Syndrome DVD set to see what he looks like a bit younger (although it'll be hard to beat the mature look). Whatever happened to the German cannibal movie he was starring in?