Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sisters Twin Posters

Now this - as opposed to that tepid Rendition poster - is how posters should be done (via BD):

A nice, simple image that draws me into the world of the film. No big constipation faces.

This is for that remake of Brian Depalma's Sisters (Margot Kidder!) that I spoke of eons ago. Yes, it's a remake of a film that really doesn't need a remake, but somehow I'm intruiged by it all the same. It was directed by Douglas Buck, and stars Chloë Sevigny, and comes out on .... nobody knows. Huh. No release date? Really? Sigh.


J.D. said...

It's already aired on TV in Argentina!

Jason Adams said...

Those damned Argentineans get all the luck!

Anonymous said...

Chloe Sevigny as a crazy bitch....NO WAY!

Xenia said...

You're right JA, this poster is fantastic!! Just saved it on my PC.
Thanks a lot. :)