Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Random Jake

I was flipping through some new pics of Mr. G added to IHJM lately - cuz that's what I do when I have a free moment, dontcha know - and thought these two random pics were funny/cute enough to share; the first is from April of this year and proves the poor fella can't even stand in the dairy section without getting snapped, and anyway there's just something sexy about him in that T-shirt standing beside groceries. Yes, I'm a freak. Anyway, the second pic is from way back in 2002 and... just random.

Hmm, I wonder if Jake and Mac go back? They were both kid actors and grew up in the same time period in Hollywood. Christ, listen to me, I'm such a stalker.

I was actually at IHJM looking at the shots of Jake running in the Chilmark 5K Road Race with his bud Chris, but there's nothing too exciting in those shots. Though I do love Grandfather Time standing beside Jake in the group shot below:



Anonymous said...

Your... new... banner... I love you...

John T said...

The new banner-it's ten kinds of sexy.

Actually, on second thought, it's about a thousand kinds of sexy-the Jake, sigh.