Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Jake City

Where ever there are new pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal, I will be there. My Cyber-Heaven, IHJM, posted a new (in the sense of "I haven't seen them before;" I don't know when they were actually taken) photo-shoot of Mr. G; here are a few select shots just cuz pretty:

(Click any to embiggen; they're really quite large pics)

His hair is so... gravity-defying. Swooping! It's transfixing, really. Anyway, swoon.

(massive props to cherita for the heads-up!)


Cherita said...

You're quite welcome! I'm all about spreadin' the Jake-love. And these were just too good to miss. They're from the shoot done for The Guardian Weekly interview which took place around BAFTA-time and was published at the end of April. Most of these were not in the magazine. Squeee!

Marius said...

OMG . . . I have to post some of these pics on my blog. Thanks for sharing, Ja. Actually, I have other pictures I should also post. Oh, Jake, he's just . . . wonderful!