Friday, August 17, 2007

Milo & Adam


Ya know, I don't watch Heroes - I know, I mean to catch up on DVD someday - and I never really watched Gilmore Girls (except for here and there but never when he was on it), so this whole Milo Ventimiglia thing escapes me. I mean, he's cute, but at the same time... kinda wonky. Ya know? He is looking better with his hair cut, though. Anyway, JJ's got some new pics of him; if you like him go to town.

I have to admit I was more (shamefully) drawn to the gallery of Adam Levine, though.



Anonymous said...

ADAM IS A GOD (in those pics anyway). God, he is just so overtly sexual.

John T said...

See, I was a massively devoted Gilmore Girls fan (I even watched Season Seven, which as any fan will tell you, was like having your heart broken every time you noticed Amy Sherman-Palladino's name missing from the credits), and I can say that I was never a fan of Jess (Milo's)-he was too, actually, I can't think of a better word, so I'll go with yours Ja: he was wonky. Dean (Jared Padalecki), on the other hand, was like a walking billboard for sex.

And I too am lusty for the tres hot Mr. Levine (and not just because of the threesome fantasies that come to mind since he's really good friends with Jake).

Anonymous said...

I also heard he's an exhibitionist. Good lord... [drools]

TheoSav said...

you have no taste.... Milo is hot.

sparky2379 said...

i saw mr levine and his band on the today show today, and while i wasn't bowled over by their performance, i share your sentiment that he is one hot, hot mofo. i would do some dirty, dirty things to him in bed.

Cherita said...

Adam Levine, eh. Jake's friend Chris the chef is infinitely more appealing to me. That's a threesome I've fantasized about before. Levine looks too...vacant to me.