Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gratuitous Jason Statham


Is Jason Statham going to play the role of "Action Man" in the live-action version of G.I. Joe? Will I really care? Will I still use that as an excuse to post some pictures of Statham's sexy bald head (and attached accoutrements)? Well we know the answer to that last one, at least.



sparky2379 said...

i, for one, don't think the words 'gratuitous' and 'jason statham' ever belong in the same sentence. i'm ready to see his hot self at any time of the day, in any context.

Jason Adams said...

Well said, sparky. I concur wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...

The moment this page loaded I saw the words 'gratuitous jason statham' and I almost jumped.

Marius said...

Thank you.

Glenn Dunks said...

Now this is my kind of man!!

Also, hilariously, it was only this year that I realised his name is Jason Statham and not Jason Stratham, which I had been calling him for years and years (or, however long I've known of him).

But, still. Sexy!