Friday, August 24, 2007

Free At Last!!!


Sorry if my head hasn't been much in the blog this week, I've been completely absorbed in watching my girl Jen survive her last week amongst reprehensible scum in the Big Brother house. She finally snapped a bit this week in the house - and who can blame her? Oh right, Dick-defending scumbags, that's who! - but managed to leave the house with her head held high and a smile, far more than Big Brother deserved, and to not sit down next to Julie Chen and spit in her face. Because, make no mistakes, I would've fire-bombed the place on my way out.

But Jen's out, and I am done with the show, and I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted. Now I don't give a damn about anyone left in the house and they can stew in their own filth all on their own from here on out. Sayonara, douche-bags! Jen was too good for every last one of y'all.

ETA - Two bits y'all should check out on Big Brother, than I swear I'm done:

-- MSNBC on the manipulative editing of the broadcast show versus what really happens on the live-feeds.

-- The Television Without Pity wee-cap of last night's episode is so wonderfully on point I wish I could go give Miss Alli a big wet slobbery kiss. Choice quote (and there are so many to choose from):

"... a confrontation finally goes down between Jen and Dick when he walks up to where she's peacefully eating and intentionally blows smoke right in her face before sitting down to smugly continue taunting her. (It isn't explained, but the reason he's taunting her is that no sooner did she destroy his cigarettes than the show replaced them, despite the fact that he had been allowed to steal her clothes from her.) Fed up, she tries to knock the cigarette out of his hand, at which point he intentionally burns her with it at least two times that are clearly visible. She continues trying to knock it away, particularly once he starts poking at her with it.

In case you're keeping score in the penalty game, we are now at Unauthorized Turkey Burger: 1; (Hopefully) Unauthorized Intentional Cigarette Burns: 0.

"You're burning me on purpose! You just burned me on purpose," Jen says in disbelief, near tears, obviously thinking this is going to get some kind of a response, since this show has, in the past, thrown a guy out of the house for hurling a chair at no one. Jameka drags Jen away before it gets, I guess, worse? Than one contestant intentionally inflicting cigarette burns on another? Dick has now poured iced tea over her head and burned her with cigarettes, in addition to repeatedly threatening violence, both sexual and not, against her. It would seem to me that once a guy who constantly talks about violence actually crosses over to burning someone with a cigarette, you might remove him? No matter what the effect might be on ratings? I guess I'm just overly conservative.

All Julie Chen says is, "Coming up -- we'll ride along with Amber and Daniele as they're whisked away to New York to play in the CBS game show, Power of 10!" Did she watch what just happened? Am I high? "


tony libido said...

The girl had mad survival skills. I really have never seen anything quite like it. No matter what filth was hurled at her all she would do is stand there and say, literally, "OK." It just didn't touch her which was impressive, yet somwehow disturbing too.

Meanwhile, The Madness of King Dick continues. God (channeling Amber) give me the strength to look away.

Jason Adams said...

In another season, with a different cast, I could've totally seen myself loving to hate Jen. I posted to that effect way back towards the start of the season. That whole crying over her photo thing was ridiculous - and, at this point, I think totally staged on her part, as a way that would've - amongst less horrendous people - made her seem silly and vapid yet ultimately harmless. But she had the great fortune of being thrown into a den of rabid hyenas who took that totally ridiculous gesture and her airheadedness and spun it into some mythic totally-irrational web of her hideousness. The projection going on amongst these lsoers is unbelievable; esp. Daniele and Dick who constantly call Jen (amongst other lovely pet-names) the biggest liar in the house when the two of them haven't said a single honest goddamn thing in there, and I'd love for them to find a single instance to support their theory that Jen's this huge lying she-witch. They've spun off into Cuckoo-land, the whole lot of them, they really don't have any grasp on the reality of how they're behaving anymore. I was so glad she got out of there and as beautiful as it would've been for her to tear the set down with her I found her smiling, upbeat behavior to be the sweetest capper she could've managed to her time there. She didn't need to stoop to these psycho's level. Good on her.

tony libido said...

Yeah agreed. After what those fuckers put her through for her to keep that balanced, equal bearing right up to the end was just amazing.

Dick is kind of the Dick Cheney of the house. We all think there are these general often unspoken rules of behavior that we operate by and then here comes the Ubermennsch who has a whole different set of rules for himself. The abuse he heaped on her was really astounding. (And as bad as he is, what was even more stomach turning was when little Eric comes snapping up from behind cowering behind the alpha dog and throwing in his equally toxic 2 cents.)

But behold the mighty power of non-resistance. When she did nothing to respond to the pouring of the tea it was like she permanently gained some sort of emotional upper hand.

I can't see that crying jag as staged. I think that's her. Mixed in with this completely detached beautiful zenned-out buddha.

Meanwhile I imagine ED never, ever letting go of his hatred of her. The intensity of it has burned something nasty into the shriveled blackness of his soul.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that I've kind of been holding on to a like of Eric...but not anymore. He's so.....grody and skeezy and compensating for something.

Honestly, what can we expect from a show hosted by a woman who shouldn't be within 700 feet of live television who got the job for marrying the boss?

Anonymous said...

"Finally, the most important question: Did you get to keep the unitard?
I have the unitard and I'm keeping it."