Monday, August 27, 2007

Down Goes Another Weasel

Ya know, there ought to be a lot more... thrill... to having lost Karl Rove one week and now Alberto Gonzales very soon thereafter... but, I don't know, shouldn't we be "losing" them to, say, the firing squad and not a comfy retirement?

Just a thought.


John T said...

I suppose it won't be as thrilling until we lose the Big 2 in charge of this whole mess (512 days to go).

J.D. said...

THANK GOD the ship is burning enough for everyone to FINALLY realize it.

Although it's obvious Rove is going to one of the (R) candidates, right? My guess is Romney.

Anonymous said...

I'd bet you're right j.d., I'd bet you're right. Unfortunate, but true.