Thursday, July 12, 2007

Quote of the Day

Wow, it was tough to pick just one quote from what the lovely Anne Hathaway had to say in the new issue of Marie Claire, but I of course ended up choosing the Brokeback-related one, because I am me. Says Anne on seeing the film the first time:

“I didn’t stop [crying] for an hour. And Kirsten Dunst, who was going out with Jake, was like two rows behind me, and [Jake’s sister] Maggie Gyllenhaal was right behind me, and we were all crying so hard; my boyfriend offered Maggie his handkerchief, and she was sharing it with Kirsten. And I’m thinking, That’s my boyfriends–can I have my Kleenex that you b*****es are using?”

God she is awesomeness personified. Check out JJ for more awesome quotes - she gives fantastic interview - and beautiful pictures.


J.D. said...

Annie, Annie, Annie. I love you.

qta said...

I third that. I love me some A.H. She rules!