Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, PTA!


While we all wait with constricted breathing rhythyms for his next flick, There Will Be Blood - watch the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful (I really like it, have I mentioned that?) trailer for the film here - to come out November 21st, today I imagine Paul Thomas Anderson sitting in an editing-bay blowing out his 37 candles and just saying to himself, "Golly, you know what, girl-sitting- next-to-me-who-isn't-Fiona-Apple? I'm the fucking greatest director."

Or he ought to be saying that, cuz he is. I'm of the mind that he's gotten better with each film; I know a lot of people favor Boogie Nights, and I do loves Boogie Nights, but I love Magnolia more, and I love Punch Drunk Love most. By this standard, I might just have a spontaneous orgasm while watching There Will Be Blood. Don't sit in front of me at that screening, people!

Anyway, let's all wish this fine and fantastic director a happy 37th. What's your favorite film of his? Or, here's an even tougher question - what's your favorite character in one of his movies? Now there's something to mull over.


PIPER said...

I honestly cannot stop thinking about this trailer. It is the best thing I've seen come down the pipe for a long time.

Jason Adams said...

The last trailer I can think of liking this much was that awesome, "builds with the sound of an approaching train" trailer for Little Children last Fall.