Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Un-American Graffiti


Scanning around through the reviews of last night's new episode of Veronica Mars was a rough business this morning - everbody seemed terribly unpleased. Over at Television Without Pity they were especially harsh and said, regarding the episode's single-mystery:

"How bad does a storyline have to get to earn the mantle of Poor Man's Crash?"

My eyes! My eyes! Did someone just compare Veronica Mars, still one of the smartest shows on TV, to Paul Haggis' Oscar-winning cinematic abortion? Say it ain't so!

Tis so, apparently. But confession-time: I may be blinded to the show's ocassional weaknesses by my confusingly heterosexual-tinged love affair with Kristen Bell, and by the switch that's been flicked in my brain by the show's murky future, so that I just lap every moment up as if I'm a dying man in the desert who's stumbled upon a puddle of camel spit. All this could be true. But I really wasn't feeling beaten about the head by PC-obviousness like the reviewers have claimed; I was too busy being charmed by Miss Bell and the story's typically Mars-ian weaving-everywhere plot.

And then there's the other plotline, in which I'm feeling terribly lonely in dancing with glee upon its occurance: Piz-kiss! As I've expressed before, Logan's fine as V's verbal-sparring partner but I really dislike the two of them dating, and I adore Piz, and he adores Veronica (as any sane person should), and their kiss is all that is good and right in this world. So there, haters.


DL said...

You are definitely NOT alone with your glee-dancing. I was actually grinning ear to ear when Piz kissed Veronica the first time. Then there may have even been a single tear of joy when Veronica chased him outside and kissed him out outside the elevator. I hope Piz stays on VM though, and doesn't leave us for Addison Shepherd.

Joe R. said...

As the author of said Crash quote, I do apologize for the shock. I wasn't expecting to dislike the episode as much as I did. Very uncharacteristically awful.

HOWEVER, I am definitely with you on the Piz issue. Love him!

Jason Adams said...

Was that you, Joe? I meant to check who did the recaplet and then forgot. Ha! Very funny. Shame on you for blowing my mind that way! ;-)

Like I said, I'm unable to rationally critique VM like a sane person, anyway.

I was going to make mention of the fact that whomever wrote this recaplet at TWoP which I failed to credit did get a good knock in against Logan and pro-Piz at the end, but I got bored with writing my obviously biased opinion by the time I'd written as much as I had.

tony libido said...

thank you, thank you. this was pretty coherent given your warnings of 'fangurl' squealing. I'm solidly with you on the Piz. He's so necessary right now. Cause VM can't just twist in the winds of bitterness. (Or can she?)

And of course, it'll be tragic, cause they're just not right for each other. This show is so achingly bittersweet. And in that way it really is the heir(ess) to the BUFFY throne.

Speaking of which, I suddenly realize Piz = Riley.

It's just such a delight to see characters with colors and layers. And one of the great achievements of the show is that so many of the characters are rich enough that we want more of them. Been wanting more Wallace all season. Wanted more Mac last night. What's Weevil doing. . . etc.

Jason Adams said...

One thing that def. made me happy last night, that I took as a temporary good side to the absence of a long-spanning mystery, was the focus on the characters we've missed, esp. in the last bit of the show. We've hardly gotten as much interaction between everyone all season long as we did in some scenes last night. A friend of mine that I talked to about the show after it was over last night and I both used the same (fake) word to describe it - One tree Hill-y - which neither of us wholly new meant, neither of us having seen One Tree Hill, but for good and bad it captured the angsty relationship stuff that was happening, I think.

Barry said...

The episode last night was good. I was so happy to see VM back on the CW and I agree with you in that I am blind to all the negative reviews because VM is just so mesmerizing in terms of Kristen Bell and the show.