Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


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sparky2379 said...

hey there, i'm a new reader of your blog (from the rolling stone article) and i love it all so far. i have 'cube' on my netflix queue and my question is, have you seen either the sequel or the prequel and are they worthwhile? i'm usually not a fan of horror movie sequels but i'm not really sure about this one. thanks!

Jason Adams said...

Welcome! First I have a question - do you mean the article in The Advocate?

Okay, so I did see the Hypercube movie a couple years ago and I don't really remember it very well except that I thought it stunk.

And I caught part of what I think was Cube Zero, the prequel, on TV a few months ago and yeah, also thought it stunk, though maybe a little less than Hypercube. Sorry if I'm vague they really didn't stick in my memory very well.

And I might have been unfairly harsh on them, because I really liked the original film.

Anonymous said...

Didn't even need to look for that clip from 'Resident Evil'. Poor Colin Salmon

Jason Adams said...

I know, his death was so frustrating! He didn't stand a chance. Stupid little computer-projection girl thing! She didn't play fair.

sparky2379 said...

you're right, it was The Advocate. my bad. it was early when i posted. thanks for your opinion :)