Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Let's Call It Brando Day


I guess it's all the chatter about that Brando documentary that's airing tonight and tomorrow on Turner Classic Movies and just screened at the Tribeca Film Festival that's got Marlon Brando on my brain, but there he sits - in his young incarnation, of course; we're better off repressing memories of the latter day Fat Marlon, who put Linda Evangelista to shame and wouldn't get out of bed for less than like five million dollars. But young Brando? Yes please.

And I don't know that I need to apologize for this, but I think you'll notice that, amongst the wealth of pictures of Mr. Brando I could've posted, I mainly focus in on one very specific, sweaty T-shirt-ed period in his life. Because... because. I mean, come on.



Anonymous said...

What movie is the wet picture from? Put that at the top of your Netflix

Jason Adams said...

It is, I believe, a behind-the-scenes picture from Streetcar.

And yeah, that's the hottest picture ever taken, I think.

Anonymous said...

[hyperventilating/drooling] HOLY GOD!!!! [faints]

John T said...

I don't think I will ever be more attracted to a movie star than I am to Brando in Streetcar/Waterfront.