Friday, April 27, 2007

I Am Friday's Brief Link

--- Not having yet read Stardust - it's been sitting on my bookshelf for weeks, staring at me mournfully - but loving Neil Gaiman all the same, I'm glad to see AICN's Harry Knowles say the movie kicks ass, because this movie's success brings the world closer to more Gaiman adaptations and my life will not be complete until Terry Gilliam gets his gosh-darned opportunity to direct Good Omens.

--- Suffer the children... some more - Pan's Labyrinth star, the terrific Ivana Baquero, has got her first English-language role lined up - she'll be starring in The New Daughter, based on a horror short story by John Connolly. Says DH:

"... the story follows a single dad who has moved his two children to a remote farm where a strange mound in the surrounding fields appears to be the key to his daughter's increasingly ominous behavior."

--- After battling Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's terrifying-to-me-for-all -the-wrong-reasons Halloween remake, it appears Malcolm McDowell will move on to greener, better-respected-by-me directed pastures. He's taking a role in the next film by Neil Marshall, of The Descent fame, called Doomsday (already spoken of by me here).

Can't say anything bad on McDowell's casting, that's for sure. He's always classing up the joint.

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