Thursday, April 19, 2007

Freddy Rodriguez


By request (not that I needed any coercion; I was thinking on Freddy anyway), I bring you one of my patented-gratuitous posts on former-Six Feet Under/current-Grindhouse star, Freddy Rodriguez.

Like I said, I'd been thinking on Freddy since seeing Grindhouse - he's a blast as gun-whiz Wray in the Planet Terror half - and been wanting to do one of these - his chemistry with Rose McGowan (and my eyes) literally sets the screen on fire - but hadn't done it yet cuz, whaddya know, it's kinda hard to dig up pictures o' Freddy. I've done my best in picking through the little that's online to find what I deem best, but if anybody wants to link to a picture in the comments they deem worthy, or email it to me, go right on with your Freddy-loving bad-self.

Now it's go-go not cry-cry, so let's get on with the show.



Anonymous said...

Loves me some Freddy. Ever since SFU, I've had a schoolgirlish crsuh on him lol.

Unknown said...


You dirty little monkey!

I have such a fondess for guys such as the type we have in Freddy. They might be on the short side, but we know where the um, extra inches went. They can go for hours and wake up to give more. And so loyal! Well- is it obvious I've had too many boyfriends like Freddy? Sadly the candy we like best is not always what we should consume.

Thanks for the Matt M. unsolved mysteries clip! I had a cousin on one of those and we never heard from her again. (translation: became porn star)

And as for the tantalizing Freddy gallery let's just say you helped create the wood that parted the clouds on my side of the country.

Very cloudy today in dear old Oregon.

Be well.


Jason Adams said...

I do what I can!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the lack of good pictures frustrating? I'm glad you found those 2 pictures of him in bed, though because...WOO!

Marius said...

He's not really my type, but, for some reason, I like him. It's that Puerto Rican hotness.

Yaseen Ali said...

One of the best things about Terror Planet. Absolutely swoon-worthy, I kept thinking to myself throughout.

But I've always been a Freddy fan, ever since Can't Hardly Wait.

Beatrice B said...

Ok... this is an amazing collection! woah! Freddy sleeping is... hypnotizing. Now my boyfriend is on the risk of extintion. I don't think I can sleep tonight.