Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How One Sentence Can Ruin A Good Thing

So I'm all happy, reading this article in THR about how David Gordon Green's new movie, called Snow Angels, got picked up for distribution. I previously wrote about my anticipation in seeing the movie right here; basically, Green's last couple movies have been solid little pieces of cinema and this new one has Amy Sedaris in a supporting role, so... 'nuff said.

But then I get to this sentence in the THR article:

"WIP plans to release "Snow," produced for less than $5 million, next year."

WHY??? The movie is finished! Release it already! Next year? Really? All that sitting there on a shelf gonna do the thing good, will it? Is the print made from red wine? Ugh.

Well at least it'll get a real release. I've had to catch both of his previous films that I've seen (haven't gotten around to his first, George Washington, yet) on DVD.

The THR article also states that Green's next project will take him outta the indie scene and throw him onto a John Grisham adaptation, of his non-fiction book, The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town. But IMDb has Green listed as currently filming a Seth Rogen-James Franco marijuana-comedy (!!!) called The Pineapple Express, so I guess The Innocent Man will follow that. Green's apparently headed for bigger, mainstreamier things! Good on him.

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