Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy 70th, Warren!

Warren Beatty turns 70 years old today. I'm not that well-versed in Warren's filmography, sad to say; I've only seen a scattering of his films - Shampoo, Bonnie & Clyde, Reds... the big ones, really - but looking at pictures of him as a youngin', well, I can understand why any and every woman fell into this man's arms. So let's just go ahead and appreciate the beauty, since it's a Friday (and my brain hurts).

UPDATE: And by special request, here are some shot of Mr. Beatty in The Parallax View, viewed by some (cough boyfriend cough) to be his hottest moment:

All of these pictures were taken from the prolific postings of HWBL at the Gossip Rocks forum; head over there and you can see tons - and I mean literal tons - more Warren pics.


homeslaughter said...

No shot from The Paralax View?

JA said...

I didn't have any, but because you're special I went and found some, and will add them ASAP. Happy?

HWBL said...

Nice blog. Would be nice if you'd credited my collages and photos, that I originally posted on Gossip Rocks.
Having said that: Happy Birthday, Warren. You still rock!

JA said...

My apologies; why don't you give me your link and I'll credit you.

I've had these pics on my hard-drive for ages and couldn't remember where they came from.

JA said...

Mkay, it's been amended to add your credit. Thanks for getting all that stuff online and for making the world wide web that much more Beatty-filled.

HWBL said...

Thank you. I'm really only prolific on the forum when posting about this old hunk. Just compare post counts. There's only one subject I think I know enough about to post on - a lot - and that's the birthdayboy.