Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What's Them?

Because I'm sans home computer til the boyfriend gets back in town today (yay boyfriend!), I haven't been able to watch this trailer yet with sound. But even without sound, it's looking pretty darn creepy.

It's for a French movie called Ils (Them), that's been floating around country to country, festival to festival, for about a year now. It opened in England a week or so ago, and there's a review over at AICN, which is where it grabbed my attention. A quote from that review:

"... hold your horses, here's a horror movie straight from the land of gypsies and gymnasts that does everything right; Them (otherwise known as Ils) is lean, mean and it'll leave your underpants anything but clean...

At only 77 minutes, it's mostly skin and bones and there's no room for flab – character wise, it's just madame, monsieur and their unwanted guests, and there's absolutely no needless dialogue or witty one-liners. It's this simplicity that's the core to Them's success: this could, and no doubt does, happen to anybody."

Ils' director, David Moreau, has been handed the reins of the remake of the J-Horror pic The Eye, to star that breath-of-fresh-vapidity Jessica Alba, but also Parker effin Posey and fine slab of man Allesandro Nivola.

The Eye was pretty decent - at least for a movie with a story as fresh as "a donated body part brings it's new owner HELL" - and if Moreau's got the chops - which hopefully I will know if/when Ils gets a freaking release date here in the States; hello! - then I'll be excited for this remake even in spite of The Alba's vacuum-sealed presence.

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StinkyLulu said...

On my flight from NYC to ABQ last week, the first class section was full of Posey & Alessandro (and herself La Sarandon). (The town has been abuzzin' with Miss Parker sightings ever since, but MrNivola's been much more circumspect.) I couldn't figure what they were filming here, but I guess now I know. Thanks, JA!