Friday, February 16, 2007

I Heart The IFC Center

Okay, so they don't have the greatest screens, and their seats really sorta suck (I am tall! My knees need room!), but the IFC Center here in NYC has the coolest effin' programs in this whole damned city.

See, not too long ago I got to see (with Nat) INLAND EMPIRE with star Justin Theroux (swoon) there in person answering questions.

And now, thanks to a heads-up from my pal Steven at The Horror Blog, I just got tickets to see the Korean monster-movie-smash The Host (Gwoemel) on February 27th - that's 2.5 weeks before it opens here in the city - and the director, Bong Joon-Ho, will be there fielding questions! Eee! A geek's wet dream. They're also doing a whole mini-festival of all of Joon-Ho's films.

So I'm at their site, looking for tickets, and seriously - look at their schedule for upcoming special events. They're got the Buffy musical episode sing-a-long going on like once a month, and this weekend coming up their Midnight movies are Park Chan-Wook's Vengeance Trilogy (that's Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, and Lady Vengeance).

I mean, somebody there at IFC loves me. They love me deeply. And I love them back.

You complete me, unknown IFC Center schedule person.


Glenn Dunks said...

When I'm in NYC city next (lol, I sound like I go all the time, but I'm going in October I hope) I'm totally gonna have to check out that Buffy thing. That sounds ace.

Oldboy was awful. Just above and beyond how bad I thought it possibly could be.

Jason Adams said...

As I was posting this I was thinking, Glenn's totally gonna tell me again how he hated Oldboy... hee! There you be!

You're bonkers, though, Oldboy's awesome. Awesome, I say to you, you "She's Madonna"-lover! ;-)

I think you should give Lady Vengeance a chance, though. I mean, I could be totally wrong, since you hate Oldboy and therefore I cannot comprehend what take you'll take on this one, but I'd hazard to guess that you could like LV if you don't like Oldboy.

And it's sooo worth seeing.

Jason Adams said...

I haven't gotten to go to the Buffy sing-a-long yet, I just keep missing it. It's gotta be awesome, though. Buffy! All things Buffy = Awesome.

And one more thing, Glenn - WTF are you doing posting right now? Isn't it some obscene hour of the night there? God do you ever sleep?