Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday.... You

Hmm, we've got a birthday traffic jam today.
Let's hit 'em all.

Firstly, we've got Madeleine Elster herself, Kim Novak, who turns 74 today. Anyone have any idea how she's doing? I am ashamed to admit I had no idea she was even still alive. Shame on me! But it's awesome that she is. Go Kim! Hitch may not have liked you in that role, but you owned it.

Secondly, the wonderful Stockard Channing is turning 63. I will love her forever and ever for her role as 'Ouisa' Kittredge alone, but she's obviously done so much good work in her nearing 40-year career. I love that her very first credited role is as "Victim of the Number Painter" on Sesame Street. Hee!

And thirdly, Mr. Robbie Williams, whom I've tried to divorce my crush on for years and years of his weirdness and haven't fully been able to even though he often resembles something that's been dipped in a vat of grease and Herpes. Grease-fried Herpes. Anyway, Robbie turns 33 today, and looks ten rough years older then that, and just entered rehab, and I still have my crush on him. Good grief, I haven't even liked a song he's done in like 5 years! (I know, Glenn, you claim differently) Somebody call me a hypnotist, stat. He's put a spell on me! Sigh. Pictures... (not all of which are completely SFW...)



Glenn Dunks said...

His Intensive Care and Escapology albums were pretty weak, but Rudebox is just so gosh darn fun and delirious. It's produced by the freakin' Pet Shop Boys!

But, you don't like dance music, so you would probably hate it.

Althought, PopJustice says it's the best thing he's ever done and, well, PopJustice = Bible.

Jason Adams said...

I can like dance music, I have a very soft spot in my gay boy heart for most everything Madonna; god help me I listened to Confessions... way more then I feel comfortable admitting. And I've liked Robbie in the past; I can't remember the names of the albums now, but back in college - when I was much more dance-oriented - I loved him so. I've just shifted my tastes the past couple of years.

All that said, I did not like the one song I've heard off of Rudebox, "She's Madonna", so that's kept me from listening to any more of it. Even though I do trust your opinion on so many things, Glenn, and it makes me feel guilty like I ought to give it more of a chance. Shame me!

Glenn Dunks said...


You don't like "She's Madonna"? Well done. You totally made me lose all faith in you.

(not really, i still love ya. but that song is brilliant)