Friday, February 16, 2007

Best Comment Ever

Wow, I love this guy. I just got the below-fully-quoted comment from some fine chap by the name of "Shaiman" on my let's-say-it's-negative review of the movie Babel:

"Hey everyone! It's "doesn't get it" guy!
I guess the visceral emotions of a story that reflects the common thread of humanity, throughout a spectrum of cultural and socio-economic boundaries, was a little too "heady" for you.
Perhaps you would be more comfortable "commenting" on the likes of "Norbit."
God forbid a director attempts to tell of story of SUBSTANCE through METAPHOR. It was a story of how our various differences and circumstances can have a cause/effect result in the events of our lives. Read between the lines, ass. (I hope you are detecting my sarcasm.)
Yet...I see that you are have a "Comment Moderation enabled, so will most likely be too cowardly to allow this comment to be posted.
The tragedy of this internet age is that naive, ignorant Jackasses like yourself are given a forum to publicly post your patheticly short-sighted "opinions." See, now you got ME all worked up to a froth. I thought this movie was great, but, CLEARLY, its not something that will appeal to the "average Joe" American audience.
Eat shit.


That was awesome.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! What a pretentious blowhard. I am sure he thought "Crash" was the most brilliant piece of cinematical genius to grace the screen in decades, instead of the moral vomit it was. Oh well, I bet he is a virgin.... ha ha!!


Glenn Dunks said...

Wow. If he really wanted his argument to work he wouldn't have said anything at all because he is now being given a platform to publicly announce his opinion, one that disagrees with your opinion.

Holy shit. It's like I'm at the Hot Blog or In Contention or something. Different opinion? WRONG.

lol. I love these guys.

Anonymous said...

Dude, Shaiman is totally Brad Pitt!