Thursday, February 22, 2007

Be Kind... Remember!

It struck me the other day that there was a vital movie missing from the recent 2007 Countdown of movies we're looking forward to that I participated in over at The Film Experience, and I blame myself for it's absence - I really should've been on the ball with this one! Damn me to hell!

Yes, it may star Jack Black (that's a bad thing, see?), but the name Michel Gondry is still enough to perk up this geek's ears, even after The Science of Sleep wasn't quite as genius as I'd hoped it'd be. But Gondry's got enough good will left from Eternal Sunshine to last him his entire career. Seriously. He could go make ten Rob Schneider flicks and... okay, yeah, that might be pushing it. Still, he rocks.

Okay, enough asides - the movie I forgot is called Be Kind, Rewind, and it stars Black and the always terrific Mos Def, as well as Mia Farrow, and it just had a test screening which is detailed by a spy over at AICN today. Choice quote:

"Michel Gondry hasn't made a movie like this before, I'm so used to his romance films and focus on what makes our minds work. This is as close to a "studio picture" as he's going to make, but there are no fart jokes here. It's very classy and weird, but mainstream audiences can definetly get into it. Jack Black is pretty standard Jack Black, but Mos Def is great. He and Black's friendship is very fun to watch and is remiscent of the best onscreen duos we've seen in the past. There's a lot of physical comedy, probably inspired by the old time Laurel & Hardy type shorts from the 30's. If they still made those kinds of shorts today, this plot could fit perfectly for one."

This is certainly in my top 10 anticipated movies of this year (or at least now it is, after I've remembered it exists...), so I'm happy to hear, at least according to this guy, that it is swell.

How could it not be, really? They re-enact scenes from Ghostbusters!


PIPER said...

Jack Black has some redeeming to do. He has yet to take another role that equals that of High Fidelity. It would be a shame if he goes down as someone who never really found his potential.

Jason Adams said...

I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt lately. I used to consider him bleach-on-the-eyeballs worthy and wouldn't see anything he was in, so I haven't seen High Fidelity. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I had to see King Kong, being such a peter Jackson fan, and he stunk that movie up, then I was forced to see The Holiday and he stunk that up, so BK,R will be his third strike if he sucks; if he's capable of annoying me in a Gondry movie I will never see him in another film ever again.