Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thank Heaven For Little Cylons

Via the fine folks at TV Squad come a couple of tidbits regarding Battlestar Galactica -

First, somebody got to watch this upcoming Sunday's new episode and offers a few choice quotes from the episode, which I shall transcribe below because they aren't terribly spoilery since they're completely out of context; still, if you're afraid to hear anything, divert your eyes now:

* Athena (to Helo): "I'm begging you to do this. Find the courage to do this for both of us, OK?"
* Tyrol: "Welcome home, Mr. President."
* D'Anna: "You. Forgive me, I ... I had no idea."
* Athena: "Don't shoot! She helped us escape!"
* Brother Cavil: "Your model is fundamentally flawed."

And secondly, they posted a geekariffically hilarious (and NSFW) Gag Reel from the show's third, and current, season that will make any BSG-fan worth their weight in stims crack up.

God I can't wait for the show to start back up. Sunday! 10pm! Be there or be square, motherfrakkers! God I'm a such a dork.

ETA Ooh I watched it and see why it's NSFW - Baltar butt!

And what's the deal with those phalluses-of-light in the background there, anyway?

Oh, and also? Edward James Olmos in a speedo. Eek!


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