Saturday, January 06, 2007

Rogue Pics

In the new Horror Roundtable at The Horror Blog, we were asked the following:

"Name your most anticipated horror event of the new year."

Go and see what I answered, along with everyone else's delightful answers, then come back and see that I've answered part of my own question: here are some stills from Wolf Creek director Greg McLean's new croc-thriller Rogue!

Nothing too trhilling, just some scowling actors, but still, hadn't seen 'em yet. I am pretty sure Rogue ain't coming out til this Fall, either; I dunno where that dumb Feb. 2nd IMDb info came from.

Also, why did it not occur to me to classify Grind House as horror? Cuz that def. tops the list if ya do, and it is a slasher movie and a zombie movie, so I should've. Alas.

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Glenn Dunks said...

That release date does sound awfully incorrect. 1) it's very soon and I'm not sure if Greg McLean has even finished everything and 2) it's being released by the Weinsteins - I'm sure they'll release it on Christmas Day and expect people to show.