Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh Sweet Internet

Sorry for the absence - my work computer imploded quite unexpectedly over the evening, and I've been - HORROR OF HORRORS - internetless for the past six hours since getting to work. Ugh. I feel like all of my skin has been peeled off and I've been dipped in lemon juice. The lemon juice of anarchy! What? I don't know, I am seriously delirious. Seriously delirious, seriously delirious. It's like magically delicious, only smarmier. What?

Anyway, I am back. But I have no vengeance to give. Just delirium. Sigh.


Yaseen Ali said...

My year-old computer crashed four times over the past year, so I know your woes. After chewing out the computer repair people (thank god I bought a warranty, ineffective as it was at times), it has retained some sense of stability. During those weeks without internet access, I felt as though a whole chunk of my life had been ripped away. Glad to know you are back!

Jason Adams said...

"weeks without access"???? URGH. I nealry lost consciousness just reading that phrase. Six hours has honestly made my head feel woozy.

It is different losing my computer here at work, as opposed to at home, though, because I have NOTHING to do at work without my computer, I am attached to it all day long. At home I can find other things to occupy my time, but six hours of no computer here at work... it's like dog years, all multiplied by seven. Horrible.

I honestly feel dazed right now looking around the internet; I don't think I'll be able to post again today, it's all too overwhelming.