Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Movie Soundtrack of Your Life

So I'm finally answering the tag I got from ModFab earlier this week on this meme. Here's how the game goes:

QUESTION: If your life is a movie, what songs are on the soundtrack?

Here's how it works:
1. Open iTunes
2. Put it on shuffle and press play
3. For every question, type the song that's playing
4. Make up a Title and choose your Cast

And here's how my movie is gonna play:

Title: Little Mister Sunshine

Young JA: Abagail Breslin in drag
JA Ma: Sigourney Weaver
JA Pa: HR Giger’s Alien
Current JA: Played by myself, of course
The boyfriend: played by Jake Gyllenhaal, of course

Opening Credits: “Half of You”, Cat Power - Well, I suppose it’s appropriate that my movie would start off kinda mopey and self-indulgent.

Waking Up: “Catwalkin’” by Tony Tisdale (Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack) – I had no idea this song was even on my iPod, and have never listened to it before, outside of it having been in the movie, and this SO not what I’ve ever once in my life felt like in the morning, but I like the idea of that song about being fierce and fabulous playing over a scene of me being anything but.

First Day At School: “First Push” DeVotchKa (Little Miss Sunshine, AGAIN) – Okay, my iPod has lost it’s mind. This is so not typical of what 99% of what is on my iPod. But sure, it’s got an edge of the unexpected to it.

Falling In Love: “Radiant With Terror”, John Vanderslice – Well this is a perfectly appropriate choice. Can’t argue that love = terror here.

Fight Song: “Katonah (The Death of the First Born)”, Rufus Wainwright – Okay, maybe if the entire fight sequence is in my head. In slow motion. And I’m fighting with someone over the remote control.

Breaking Up: “My Hero”, Foo Fighters – “There goes my hero/ watch him as he goes” – that, as a lyric in reference to breaking up, is actually quite sad and poignant. And, yet, “rockin’” at the same time!

Prom: “Time Travel Is Lonely”, John Vanderslice – I wish my prom had been this hip. We had “Open Arms” as my actual Prom song. “No one knows what happens next, cuz time travel is lonely…” sums up my prom experience pretty well, though, in retrospect.

Life: “Godspell”, The Cardigans – “Take my place in line, and I wait, so I wait, and I wait…” Damn you, Nina, summing up my life so simply.

Mental Breakdown: “Goldfinger (Propellerheads Mix)”, Shirley Bassey – GREATEST MENTAL BREAKDOWN EVER. This song IS what crazy sounds like.

Driving: “You’re the Reason I’m Leaving”, Franz Ferdinand – Great driving song. I had my spectacular Bassey breakdown and I’m outta here!

Flashback: “Tell Me In The Morning”, Cold War Kids – Apparently it’s some sort of drug-induced flashback. I’m definitely remembering being wasted.

Wedding: “Nausea”, Beck – Uh… I really don’t know what to say on this one. I think it’s involving me running from the altar, though.

Birth of Child: “Sons and Daughters”, The Decemberists – That’s effin’ creepy. I am not faking that my iPod chose this song here. Weird.

Final Battle: “C’Mon Billy”, PJ Harvey – My battle scenes are all seeming really Jerry Springer-ish with this soundtrack. You myyyyyy man!

Death Scene: “Scatterheart”, Bjork (Selmasongs) – “Black night is falling, the sun is gone to bed…” Another eerily perfect choice. I’d like for my death to carry the weight of Selma’s from Dancer in the Dark. I been wronged!!!

Funeral Song: “This is the Night”, The Weird Sisters (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) – Do I really want the same music playing at my funeral that accompanied Harry, Ron and Hermione’s puberty-explosions at the big dance? Sigh. Yes, yes I do.

End Credits: “This Is Halloween”, Panic at the Disco! (Nightmare Before Christmas cover) – It’s weird, and fitting, how much of my soundtrack turned out to be songs from other soundtracks, but weird mainly because I don’t really have a lot of movie music on my iPod yet my iPod chose these songs here. But anyway, this is totally the song to send people out of the theater from my life. “Everybody scream, everybody SCREAM!”

I'm tagging anybody that wants to do it. But, um, especially Glenn..


Glenn Dunks said...

I did it! Fun! But for my break up song I got "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" from Dreamgirls which is... omgwtf?!

Anonymous said...


Well I since I do not have my public blog started. I am
going to add mine to your blog as a comment. I hope to get it done soon.


Movie: Goonies
Mikey- Me of course.
Brand- Josh Brolin, I thought he was hot even back then.
Data- My friend growing up, we were both geeks... Still are!
Chunk- My other friend Tom, Truffle Shuffle ;-P
Andy- My Sister's best friend, Lisa, she thought she was the shit
Steph- My Sister, even though I love her, she was a bitch back then.
Harriet Walsh- My mom. So many of the same traits

Well this movie sums up my childhood always in trouble looking for something that would make us rich or get us in trouble.

Opening Credits: “Are You In” –Incubus
Got to love Sea Foam Green, need I say more ;-P

Waking Up: “American Woman”- Lenny Kravitz
I am guessing that women better stay away. This is scaring me….

First Day at School: “On My Way Home”- Enya
This was playing for my mother, I am sure she was so excited that she finally got rid of me for ½ a day five days a week. Ahh relaxation

Falling in Love: “With You”- Linkin Park.
Need I say anything more?

Fight Song: “Paranoid”- Ozzy Osbourne
Ahh, the high school days. However I must admit, Dazed and Confused comes to mind every time I hear this song…

Breaking Up: “The Best has Yet to come undone”- Lit
This song fits this topic so much. I can’t believe it.

Prom: “Jesus”- Eve 6
Well I hated my prom night. Our theme was “Somebody” by Depeche Mode. The whole heterosexual experience was too much. What a shitty night. Thank god it is over. Possibly the worst date EVER… However I did get to see a naked man. There was a streaker. He was pretty hot too.

Life: “Whiskey Girl”- Toby Keith.
Wow I am not usually a country listener. My sister is I am assuming I ended up getting this song from her. My iPod must be cheeky

Mental Breakdown: “This time around”- Hanson.
I have not heard this artist for years… I am completely baffled where this song came from, I know I never purchased the CD. I must have had a breakdown when it found its way to my computer

Driving: “Easy Lover”- Philp Bailey and Phil Collins Duet.
The 80’s is always good road trip music. I remember singing along with this song on late nights…

Wedding: “Sex or Weight Lifting Skit”- Adam Sandler.
Okay this is not a song. But it was randomly selected and this album is on the iPod. Kinda ironic it is the wedding selection. I guess I am doomed to never get married…

Birth of Child: “Stomp In”- Ella Fitzgerland.
My grandma got me hooked on Ella. She is a classic.

Final Battle: “I will Follow Him”- Whoopi Goldberg.
Can you believe it??

Death Scene: “All in the Family”- Korn

Funeral Song: “Inside Out”- Eve 6
One of my favorites…

End Credits: “My Big Mouth”- Oasis