Friday, January 19, 2007

I Am Link

--- After 3000 years in the wilderness, and having been psychically castrated by Brad Pitt, Darren Aronofsky was somehow able to gather himself together enough to make the somewhat confounding but still completely mesmerizing and beautiful The Fountain.

Then nobody went and saw it. But after surviving that experience with his artistry still intact, this next film should be a piece of cake, right? Word's already spilling on Black Swan, Aronofsky's follow-up, which has already gotten fast-tracked for production. That's, like, 1000% faster then he's used to. From Cinematical:

"Determined to release another Aronofsky film before the year 2013, Universal Pictures has teamed up with Phoenix Pictures and Aronofsky's Protozoa on Black Swan -- a psychological thriller to be penned by John McLaughlin and directed by Aronofsky. Pic will delve deep inside the world of ballet -- yes, ballet -- but with, what I assume, will be a very dark and disturbing Aronofsky-esque twist. Story focuses on the manipulative relationship between two rival dancers.

Originally presented with a very detailed outline, studio has also decided to "fast-track" the project. For those of you not down with the industry jargon, that means there's a good chance it will head into production later this year or in early 2008."

--- Action! Action! Action! That appears to be the word du jour for Superman Returns screenwriter Michael Dougherty in discussing writing the sequel. He's promising, like 50 billion bad guys and not one of them will be a clump of dirt! Unless the dirt has like 100 arms and telekinesis.

--- Screenwriter David Koepp chats a bit about the experience of working with Spielberg & Lucas on the script for Indiana Jones 4. Choice quote:

"As much as he is a fan of Indy lore, Koepp says it’s essential to discard that point of view when tapping out further adventures. “You can’t write a fan script,” he insists. “You have to pretend that this movie exists without the other one.” “The worst thing to do would be to have him make reference to things he said in the first movie, like to pun on lines of dialogue,” he argues. “That’s tempting, because you’ve seen the movie a hundred times and you know all the dialogue, but no human being remembers exactly what they said 25 years ago word for word, much less make reference to it. So you try to put aside the other movies and yet be in the spirit of them."

--- Ya know, I often cut Stephen King a break, which the boyfriend takes me to task for but, but, he wrote Carrie! And The Stand! And The Shining! And I could go on. But his new piece on the back page of EW is really self-indulgent and, even worse, boring. Blah blah there's nothing on TV, blah; at least make a coherent crack about what you're seeing, man! I feel like he wrote this out while sitting on the toilet.

--- New Horror Roundtable! This time it's about favorite sub-genre's of horror. I effed up again this week and didn't get my answer out in time, but as usual everybody else brought their A-games, so check it out!


Reel Fanatic said...

Stephen King can too often be a blowhard bore, but I can't wait to see what Frank Darabont does with The Mist .. that should just rule

Jason Adams said...

Oh I know; The Mist is my favorite thing he's written, and everything is seeming in place, judging by comments Darabont's made, for this to rock.