Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Am Link

--- I still wish sometimes (no offense to my own mamma, who's wonderful in her own ways) that Sigourney Weaver were my mother. I mean, monsters under the bed? Not a problem for Ellen Ripley. Sigourney don't work enough, so I'm glad to see speculation (from Weaver's own mouth) that she'll be showing up in James Cameron's next pic (presumably she speaks of Avatar). From DH:

"Seems that on the French talk show "le grand journal" she said she had no desire to do any further "Alien" films but "will be making a big sci-fi movie with James Cameron".

She then apparently went on to say "she didn't want to talk too much about it". Hmmmm."

--- Without Paul Verhoeven, I'd never have known that that extra skin around a vagina was called "a woman" (write your angry letters to Joe Eszterhas, I didn't make that shit up myself), so I'm excited for a new Verhoeven flick, one that's gotten some good attention actually (as opposed to the notorious attention which he often courts): the new trailer for Black Book is up over at Cinematical.

--- The internets are atwitter with word that Rob Zombie is rewriting his script for the Halloween remake after a lousy script-review appeared recently at AICN. Fine by me - if they're gonna remake the Greatest Slasher Film Ever Made, get the goddamned thing right.

--- Finally, sanity reigns, and a certain somebody I knew would show Hugh Jackman's fearless performance in The Fountain some love goes ahead and does so. Now if only the rest of the world would catch up.

--- Ooh, I gots tagged! Check out ModFab's fun take on "The Movie Soundtrack of Your Life". I just hope ModFab doesn't mind if I wait til this weekend to do my version... time is scarce today and probably tomorrow... blasted day-job...

--- Dana Stevens at Slate reviews the just-released on DVD Mike Judge film Idiocracy (which I'd crowed about wanting to see for months) and does an interesting comparison of the film with Children of Men. Strange bedfellows, indeed.

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