Thursday, January 25, 2007

Do, Dump, or Marry


The hottest threeway in heaven? No (well maybe, yeah, if Brando hadn't gone and grown old, the selfish prick).

But anyway, I was flipping through Peter Bogdanovich's book Who the Hell's in It this morning and saw a story about Monty Clift and for some reason I thought of that game "Do, Dump or Marry" (I've heard it called other things, like "Marry, Fuck or Kill", but the killing thing always struck me as harsh), where you name three people and then your friends have to say which person they'd marry, which they'd have sex with, and whom they'd toss to the curb, and well, I think I've come up with a very difficult one indeed: Montgomery Clift, Marlon Brando, James Dean. The Method Actors. Maybe this will sway your vote one way or the other:

I mean, I think I'd marry Clift (maybe I could save him from the booze and the car accident and ruin, right?), do Brando (we're talking young Brando here) and dump Dean (he's just gonna die really soon). But damn that's a hard choice to make. How bout y'all?


Anonymous said...

Assuming that once you marry him you get to "do" him as well (let's pray), I'd marry Brando, do Clift (he's a mess, but what a gorgeous mess), and dump Dean (he's a mess, period).

Great this more, please!

Jason Adams said...

Yes yes, it's a lifetime of "doing" with the marriage thing. Well, as long as it's a healthy marriage and all, like with any other marriage.

And yeah, they were all complete wrecks in their personal lives, but I think Brando would've driven me nuts after a long period of time, while I think Monty just needed a steady loving presence (like me!) to guide him to sanity.

Or that's how it plays out in my dreams, anyway.

Glenn Dunks said...

Do Clift, Dump Brando (he grows up to be gross. Really gross), Marry Dean.

Dean, for me, is the sexiest man that has ever lived. No doubt. And maybe if he had a stable relationship (he was gay afterall... or bi? One of the two) then he wouldn't feel the need to go speeding.

If I marry him at, like, 18, then that's still 6 solid years.

John T said...

I'd do Brando (if it's a one-night thing, we're going to be up all night though. I'd marry Clift and dump Dean, but definitely give him a nice hug (and kiss) as consolation.