Friday, January 26, 2007


Wow, talk about a movie made equally for both me and the boyfriend: Dedication is directed by my-crush Justin Theroux and stars boyfriend's-crush Billy Crudup. Also, it sounds friggin' awesome. It's playing Sundance; here's part of a review from AICN:

"So, picture Billy Bob Thornton's BAD SANTA character in his youth. Cynical, mean... and just a horrible person, but somehow still likable. Billy Crudup plays Henry, who has a huge chip on his shoulder, hardly any friends, but a lot of talent as a children's book author. A foul-mouthed children's book author that bases his characters on pornos, including his most popular character, Marty the Beaver...

Crudup is great in this. In fact, everybody is great in this, but the film rests on Crudup's shoulders. If [he] wasn't likable and just a mean asshole, then the film would have been intolerable. But you see his heart and the romance that happens feels not only real, but needed. You like watching Crudup tell little girls who worship his character that Beaver means vagina and Santa Claus doesn't exist. It's very funny and wrong, but you also don't miss that side of him when he comes to discover his humanity again."

It also stars the wonderful Tom Wilkinson, Mandy Moore, Martin Freeman (TIM!!!), AMY SEDARIS, and Dianne Weist. Supposedly the Weinsteins snatched it up. Sounds fantastic.

And marry me, Justin. Seriously.

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