Friday, January 19, 2007


I already reeled with hysteria yesterday about the news that Amy Acker was set to be cast in Tim Minear's new show Drive; today comes some more information about her role, via AICN:

"Amy Acker will play the missing wife of Nathan Fillion’s character on Tim Minear’s Fox action-adventure-suspense-mystery-comedy-drama series “Drive,” according to

Both Acker and Fillion have worked with Minear previously, on “Angel” and “Firefly,” respectively.

Minear tells Ain’t It Cool that Acker will not be a regular on the show (her character is, after all, missing), but she will appear in multiple episodes. "

So she's not a regular, which is semi-disappointing, but she'll show up more than once, so that's still exciting. And maybe she'll be found! And become a superstar!

Sigh. It's hard loving obscure-ish actors. Ya take what ya can get.

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