Thursday, December 07, 2006

Today's Mood


David McGowan (Thomas Dekker),
John Carpenter's
Village of the Damned

"She. Was meant. For me."

You want random? This shit is random.

But Dekker was just cast today as our future savior John Connor in the upcoming TV series The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and AICN mentions in that linked article that he was in VoD, which I've seen far more times then is healthy or sane to have done (it is howlingly awful, really). So I instantly recognized, from his eyes in the now-older picture of Dekker at AICN (at the right there), as the character he played in VoD; a character that one of my best friends and I quote the above-quoted, and truly memorably delivered by Dekker, line to each other far more than is healthy or sane to do.

And hello, today's mood. This is how your brain works on crazy!


Joe R. said...

I really love this kid on Heroes, so I'm glad things seem to be happening for him.

Jason Adams said...

I keep trying to like Heroes, I really want to, but I watch too many TV shows that take too much energy already, I don't have your patience, Joe!